Gast launches new Dry Fire Sprinkler product.


Gast Manufacturing Inc. - The leading designer and manufacturer of precision air products has launched the 87R-110S, an oil-less rocking piston based compressed air system for riser mounted dry fire sprinkler applications. Commenting, Business Line Director Sal Iaccino says: “We set out to dramatically improve the sprinkler fitter contractor’s experience with a riser mounted compressor system. We talked to installers and training organizations, and listened to what they needed most from a compressor system. We focused first on ease and security of the mounting design; you will not want to go back to hose clamp mounting designs once you install one of these systems. We then applied our own trusted rocking piston compressor design, along with a digital pressure switch, and a list of other thoughtful details to help meet the multiple needs we heard from the field”. The new 87R-110S for dry fire sprinkler applications incorporates a mounting system which saves time and provides a more secure connection to a riser pipe. Gast’s new system incorporates the renowned 87R series compressor, which has been used in the toughest applications worldwide delivering long life and an incredibly quiet sound output. Every detail in this new system was planned with fire protection industry professionals, and tailor made to deliver superior performance while saving you time and money. Stay tuned for more new products and innovations from Gast to support the fire protection industry.

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Bo Coffman – E-mail - or call - 941-416-0252

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